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I love all 3 women but I think I’d be super happy if Nikki finally becomes champion on Sunday. 

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Product of a Broken Home.” Co-starring AJ & @celestebonin!


Well fuck me. 😳

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So I think I may have dragged one of my friends into the wrestling fandom today? Somehow we started talking about good looking guys, and being the person I am, I whipped out a picture of Roman Reigns on my phone. She grabbed my phone from me so fast and was like “omg who is that. I think I’m love.” and she just stared at him and I told her he’s a wrestler and she says, “Jeez, I think I should start watching wrestling with you.” as she continued looking at him. I got so excited because I need more people in my life to suffer with me because of wrestling, so thank you Roman.

Roman Reigns responds to people claiming that his 2014 Royal Rumble record for most eliminations is tied to 11.5 not 12, with El Torito being one of those eliminations.

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who ever said high school was the best 4 years of their life must have had a really fast metabolism and was probably really popular and had lots of friends and got good grades and did not have social anxiety 

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WWE + Urban Dictionary (insp.)

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Sometimes I go through my blog and read my tags, and I honestly wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Especially my tags for Roman and Dean posts. I am clearly not an okay person.