I am burned out. I couldn’t even introduce myself to one of my residents who moved in early when she said hi to me in the bathroom because of how exhausted I am. This training week kicked my ass.



AJ just keeps on contributing to my 100 AJ Lee Outfits and I love her for it.

"I don’t just ship it
I fucking luxury cruise that shit."

—Every shipper (via biatch-with-wifi)

Heel Nikki appreciation post.

Dean Ambrose + Career defining moments so far.

AU: Roman Reigns and Paige are spotted arriving at an arena     together. 


The Evolution of CM Punk’s hair

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Roman gets bigger and toner every day. Those arms and shoulders are so defined.

Anonymous inquired:

I hated that raiging pun, but at the same time it was perfectly done. #freecookie xp


I am so bad at puns; I should never try. But I couldn’t not do it, it was the golden opportunity. XP